I have been fascinated with mental health (and subsequently mental illness) for as long as I can remember. Recently, I have become especially interested in what mental health looks like in the digital era.

For the past few decades, the human psyche has had to deal with something completely new Рthat is, the digital space. For the most part, there is a general consensus that the internet Рmore specifically, social media platforms Рis terrible for mental health. This blog will delve into the specific problems that the internet causes for mental health and the mental illnesses that it perpetuates.

But that is not the only purpose of the blog. I feel that we also need to look at how digital spaces cushion the affect of, bring awareness to and/or help combat mental illnesses. We should look at what we are doing right, so that we can do even better.

Disclaimer: I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, I am not a psychological or psychiatric professional and my knowledge of psychologicy is limited to that of an undergraduate level.


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